Founded in 2019, Odeon is a bar/restaurant and club dedicated to creative communities. Odeon is a contemporary social club on Kopli street . A home away from “home for the curious”, Odeon brings together artists and creative souls. Located in the heart of the new Tallinn Bohemia: Odeon ‘s stylish and original design exudes elegance, refinement and the promise of impeccable pleasures. A place of creation, a box of curiosities, a time of surprise: the Odeon is many things. Open up an intimate restaurant, discover the bar, lounge and social room, sneak into the secret backroom, or simply enjoy a leafy ambience, a large scene framed with copper hues, a warm corridor and giant mirrored pillars throughout the space. The Odeon will impress and transport.

Today Kopli’s new Bohemia is home to artists, musicians, fashion designers, architects, DJ’s and design mavens. But 27 Kopli is also steeped in history. Kopli ("Paddock" in Estonian; formerly Ziegelskoppel in German, “brick paddock”) is an historical district in Northern Tallinn on Kopli peninsula, surrounded by the Baltic Sea in the West, North and East. Once upon a time the shepherds herded their cattle and brick burners forged their bricks in Kopli. Timber for brick burning was brought in from neighboring islands, while the oak forest, once a pre-Christian holy site preserved until 1710, on the peninsula, can still be spotted from one of the many parks in Kopli. In the 19th century, Kopli became an industrial area and several large textile and metal factories with surrounding workers quarters, a military port, several cargo ports and docks were built. Today, Kopli it is the fastest changing area of Tallinn, often compared to London’s Docklands or the Brooklyn industrial coastline 20 years ago.

ODEON has an innovative design that starts in the restaurant's entrance, with two giant vintage chandeliers at its entrance replete with art, quirky artifacts, vintage treasures and an eclectic array of life. Continuing past the entrance, guests encounter a cozy lounge, but only the truly curious and adventurous will discover all that ODEON has to offer. With three distinct dining and drinking rooms (one private), two bars, a lounge and an artful bathroom complete with eight large windows across the frontage and luxurious seating and booths. ODEON was created by the owner/designer of Frank and Frank Underground in Tallinn alongside New York and Portuguese architect Sergio Rebelo. Sergio Rebelo Carvalho is the founder of Atelier Sérgio Rebelo and Creative Director of UVA, a portuguese design brand . Before setting up his own Architecture & Design practice in Portugal in 2018, he was the Design Director of FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise in New York. He had a leading role in projects such as the construction of the Soumaya Museum, the winning competition entry for Mexico City’s New International Airport, the debut of a new superyacht for Benetti, a provocative proposal for a binational city on the US- Mexico border, and the winning proposal of the Hyperloop One Global Challenge that will bring the future of transportation to Mexico.

Odeon offers exclusively to its clients an eclectic program, following Estonian and international cultural trends: concerts, film screenings, art video, thematic conversations, performance, Dj set, shows for children. The only limit is the imagination.



ODEON will sometimes organize encounters with artists, curators, designers and entrepreneurs on numerous artistic subjects.


Keystone of the venue, ODEON can host artists or bands. ODEON concerts cultivate eclecticism, either with reknowned artists or revelations from the new Estonian or international music scene.


ODEON has been linked, since its origin, with many directors and artists. The club’s private room can host previews, a movie of the week, art videos, and talks.


ODEON will also welcome tailor-made creations (sculptures, objects, videos …) of great artists and arrange private room sessions.


ODEON will host a selection of performances, cabarets, dance shows or plays. These programs can be produced in collaboration with major cultural institutions or with individual independent artists.


Throughout the year, ODEON can host or plan special events, parties, weddings, conferences, talk or unique experiences.



Lapin OÜ 14981272; KMKR: EE102263389

27 Kopli, Tallinn 10412, Estonia
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